Discover the Mobilise-D Network

Welcome to the Mobilise-D Network, where innovation meets impact in the scope of digital health. Building on the success of the Mobilise-D project, our network is dedicated to advancing digital mobility assessments (DMOs), ensuring continued progress for the benefit of patients, researchers, and the broader community.

Why Mobilise-D Network?

The Mobilise-D project has revolutionized the field of DMOs, significantly boosting innovation and driving change that could directly benefit clinical practices and patients. To sustain and amplify this momentum, it is crucial to continue our efforts in research and development. Our goals include:

  • Introducing and nurturing new researchers in the field.
  • Facilitating collaboration between industry and academia.
  • Influencing policy and regulatory frameworks.
  • Integrating DMOs into clinical practice.

Who is Involved?

The Mobilise-D Network brings together a diverse group of stakeholders, including:

  • Researchers and scientists from various fields.
  • Healthcare professionals committed to enhancing patient care.
  • Industry leaders focused on innovative health solutions.
  • Policymakers and regulators shaping the future of healthcare.
  • Patients and patient advocates providing valuable insights.

How It Works

Launching in June 2024, the Mobilise-D Network will initially include all participants from the original Mobilise-D project. However, we are excited to welcome new members who are working in the field of digital health and mobility assessments from different fields and organisations. Our network operates on the principles of collaboration, innovation, and shared knowledge, creating a vibrant community for all involved.

Join Us

The constitution and mechanism for joining the Mobilise-D Network will be announced on our website in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates and be prepared to join a network dedicated to making a real difference in the world of digital mobility assessments.