What has our PPAG group contributed with so far?

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[Other] Currently co-designing a Delphi study on data visualisation.

Source: Centre for Ageing Better; Copyright: In-Press Photography; License: Public Domain (CC0)

[Paper] Co-authored our paper on PPIE recommendations. [Link]


[Other] Co-developed the Mobilise-D infographic and video. [Iinfographic] [Video]

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[Talk] Tova delivered a talk for the EZTH conference in Zürich on biomarkers.


[Other] Supported the development of the CVS experience questionnaire.

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[Paper] Co-authored paper: “Listening to the patients’ voice: a conceptual framework of the walking experience”. [Link]

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[Webinar] “Engaging patients for meaningful contributions: Insights and recommendations from Mobilise-D’s PPIE webinar”. [Video]

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[Other] TVS Lay Summary reviewed and signed-off by the PPAG board.


[Other] Norman has joined the Scientific Committee.


[Other] Tova Gur Arieh has joined our PPIE Board.


[Other] All members have provided feedback on the Minimal Important Difference (MID) questions about mobility.

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[Webinar] “Putting patients in the centre when developing when developing digital mobility outcomes”. Tova, John and Werner spoke on the day at the webinar, and Tom McQ helped co-create the videos for the webinar.

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[RWS] Our PPIE member Tova shares her story about her Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis (17.11.2021).


[Talk] Werner and Fecerica joined us for the Topra talk (22.10.2021).


[Paper] Norman and Werner co-authored a qualitative review paper that is about to come out. All members are co-authoring a paper on PPIE structures.

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[Other] The PPAG helped us devise a document to provide some more information about what the Mobilise-D consortium is about to members of the public.