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Connecting digital mobility assessment to clinical outcomes for regulatory and clinical endorsement

Mobilise-D was a 5-year, IMI-funded project that produced validated and accepted digital mobility outcomes to monitor the daily life gait of people with various mobility problems, aiming to improve follow-up and personalized care.

Mobilise-D IMI 2019-2024

Learn more about the Mobilise-D IMI. The project goal was to provide a robust, validated set of algorithms to measure digital mobility outcomes and inform drug and technology development, clinical practice, precision medicine, regulatory bodies and stakeholders about the impact and importance of walking.

About Mobilise-D IMI 2019-2024
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Mobilise-D Network

The Mobilise-D Network fosters and develops a research environment and innovation in mobility measurement. Our mission is to enhance research capacity and capabilities, driving groundbreaking advancements that benefit patients, healthcare professionals, and the public.

About Mobilise-D Network
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SUSTAIN Mobilise-D

SUSTAIN Mobilise-D is a follow-on consortium created to maximize the impact and to advance the achievements of Mobilise-D IMI. The scope of work includes managing the sharing of the validated algorithms and data from the Technical Validation Study and Clinical Validation Study and promoting best practices related to collecting, interpreting, and advancing the use of Mobilise-D digital mobility outcomes (DMOs).

About SUSTAIN Mobilise-D

Latest News

Introducing the Closing Statement from the Mobilise-D Project Coordinators

As the Mobilise-D IMI-project reaches its conclusion, the coordinators have shared a powerful closing statement reflecting on the remarkable journey and achievements of the consortium, signed by Lynn Rochester, Professor…

Mobilise-D Digital Mobility Outcomes Integrated into Empatica Health Monitoring Platform 

We are thrilled to announce that Empatica has partnered with Mobilise-D to integrate our validated Digital Mobility Outcomes (DMOs) into Empatica’s Health Monitoring Platform. This partnership signifies a major step…

Breaking New Ground: Prof. MD. Clemens Becker on Mobilise-D impact and implications for patients, clinicians, and healthcare systems

The Mobilise-D Clinical Validation Study (CVS) represents a pioneering endeavour to integrate digital mobility outcomes (DMOs) into clinical trials and research. As the academic lead of the CVS, Prof. Becker’s…